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Hi, I’m Silvie!

I’m an enthusiastic, social multitasker that loves to entertain, organise and present. The picture above was taken in 2012, during my first interview ever. Six years have passed and I still love to ask questions and get to know the stories of other people.

I love traveling the world, I lived in Dublin and South Africa! I love eating delicious food (especially sushi) and I really can enjoy reading a (preferably Jane Austen) romantic novel.

I’m always looking for creative projects with media, people and communication. Explore on this site what I’ve been up to by clicking on the chapters in the menu!


Here you can find my audio related projects: voice-over work, radioshows, hitlists, workshops…


Online is a general term and contains all of the projects I did around social media and other online writing projects.


Under visual you can find all of my photo and video projects.